Mari Steffen
UI/UX Designer

print & eBook design

print & eBook design

The Science of Women Getting Rich: A Feminist Revision

Author: Kristin D. Sanders
Art direction & front cover: Courtney Marse
eBook, print layout, & back cover: Mari Steffen
Photography: Augusta Sagnelli

print & eBook design

Project Overview

In this revision of Wallace D. Wattles' 1910 text, The Science of Getting Rich, Kristin D. Sanders has changed all male pronouns, references, and deities to females; added quotations from contemporary feminists; and contextualized Wattles' philosophy through a feminist lens. The resulting text illuminates the power of a single word to change the entire story. The Science of Women Getting Rich: A Feminist Revision is a new feminist classic, helping women and women-identifying individuals raise their financial self-worth and believe not only that they deserve to make money, but it is a feminist act to do so.

My role:

I designed the Major Edit Press logo, the back cover, contributed to copyediting the text, and styled the copy layout for Kindle and print.